Domestic Getaways

Whether you want a weekend getaway, a driving itinerary to a U.S. destination, or to simply jet off for a while, we can recommend the best destinations for your interests.

  • History buffs will relish all that the East Coast has to offer (places like Boston, Philadelphia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and much more).
  • Those looking for Southern charm will love Savannah’s historic 1800s buildings-turned-bed-and-breakfast inns. Visitors to Charleston will be captivated by fort tours, old Antebellum style houses and plantations with long, dirt driveways lined with weeping, Spanish moss covered, massive oak trees.
  • Music enthusiasts will find jazz on nearly every street in New Orleans, up and coming artists in Austin, Beale Street in Memphis, and Music Row in Nashville.
  • Those wanting to explore National Parks can visit Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, see the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, abundant wildlife of Yellowstone or hike some of the beautiful mountains in Washington, Oregon, Montana or Utah.
  • You want a spa and wine? Napa Valley, Willamette Valley, and Yakima Valley will not disappoint.
  • You want to see the big cities? Take a bite out of the Big Apple, tour Alcatraz in San Francisco or hunt for celebrities in Hollywood.
  • How about a ski or snowmobile vacation? Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana are great places.
  • Gambling and great entertainment is what you’d like? Las Vegas it is!
  • And for the theme park junkies, we’ve got you covered, too – from Six Flags to Universal Studios and all those in between.
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